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The Ordering Process Guide

The 3DPE service uses the 4 steps described below to ensure good 3d printing results are reliably delivered.


Send In Your File

Send us your file (preferably .STL (Stereolithography) files in a zip folder (.zip)) by filling in the order form or sending it to us at



Free Expert Check

Every file is checked for free to ensure that the file can be 3d printed, identifying any possible problems.  If the file is fine we will respond with a quote. If the file needs some adjustments, we will discuss the most suitable solution for your file with you. We offer file repair as service where necessary.



An Invoice is Sent

Once we receive a file which can be 3d printed, we will send you an invoice . The invoice can be payed via Bank Transfer before the print is received


3d Print is Received

Your print is either posted to you, or you can grab it in the city for free.  Your prints will be uniquely packaged according to your 3d printed objects shape. 


If you would like to know more, email us at
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