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3D Print Express (3dpe) began in 2012 in an effort to democractise 3d printing in Australia. We were the first business in Melbourne to offer this service using affordable 3d printing technology. 

3DPE began with a passion for bringing ideas to life - let us know how we can do the same for you. We produce everything from models and prototypes to sculptures, fashion items, marketing media or engineering parts. We are proud of the quality we deliver.

We are 100% Australian owned - all manufacturing is done in Australia.

3d Printing 

Once we know understand your requirements we come up with the relevant 3d printing solution that is suitable to your needs. .We take into consideration the material properties, your budget, lead times, finish and material traceability.

3d Modelling

Our service includes design work for 3d printing. We can manage the entire 3d modelling to 3d printing process to ensure high quality 3d printed outcomes. As a combined package you will save time and money.


If you are not sure how to tackle something, let us know and we may be able to develop a 3d printed solution. If it is beyond our capabilities we will simply let you know.


3d Printers:
FDM 3d Printing
SLA 3d Printing

Resin (clear, white, black)
Resin (extra strong)
Resin (castable)

Caste Bronze (range of finishing options)

ABS (every colour)
PLA (only natural)

3d Modelling:
Product Design

Part Design

Artistic Modelling

Turn Around:
3d Prints - 3-5 days
Bronze - 2-3weeks
3d Modelling - Brief Dependent


We manage the 3d printing process, to deliver an efficient and high quality 3d printing service.

Ask us for more info at

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