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Frequently Asked Questions:


Pick-up or Collection
Phone Calls

3d Print Materials:


FDA Approval

Material Traceability
MSDS / Material Safety Data Sheets

3d Print Pricing:

Production Runs
Set up Cost

3d Modelling
Competitive Pricing


Lead Times:

3d Printing

3d Modelling

Postage and Handling:

Hard Casing:

Each file that is sent to us is checked by an expert before we give you a free quote.

If the flle is not suitable for 3d printing we will let you know and can usually help to repair this.


We are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Pick-up or Collection:
We do not offer a pick-up service within Melbourne from our 3d printing location.

We can meet with you to discuss your project once we have an understanding of what you need assistance with and we have determined that this is something that 3dpe can assist with.

Phone Calls:
We are happy to discuss or consult you via phone in regards to your viable 3d printing project. Please get in contact via email and leave us your number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

3d Printing Materials:


We have been trying to purchase every colour available in ABS plastic since 2012. Let us know your colour requirement and we should be able to accommodate this.

FDA Approval:
Yes we can provide certificates for FDA approved materials. However please be aware that the machines and space that we operate in has not been FDA approved.

Material Traceability:
We are happy to provide all information required, or can work according to your material requirements, including sourcing from selected distributors.

MSDS / Material Safety Data Sheets:
We can provide relevant MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets according to the material we are supplying you with.

We give our clients options. Let us know what you require for your 3d print and we can let you know if we can accommodate this.


3d Print Pricing:

Production Runs - Printing more than one:
Often 3d printing will be cheaper than injection moulding if you do not need more than a 1000 of a piece.
We are happy to work out a competitive price when you need more than one of something.

If you are in the prototyping stage of your product development we will work out better prices if you need to keep re-printing a part to get the best end result.

Set up Cost:
Each 3d print has a set-up cost of $28.00. When we give you a quote this will include the cost of the 3d print and the cost of the set up.


We charge one set-up cost per job (even if it is more than one file)

For example:

$20 3d print + $26.00 set up = total price $46.00

2x $20 3d print + $26.00 set up = $66.00


3d Modelling:
We will give you a cost based on the amount of hours required to complete a job.


Lead times:

3d Printing:
This is dependent on the technology being used to complete the job. This will be discussed with you before proceeding with any work.


3d Modelling:
To be discussed with client. Lead times are determined according to how much work is involved and how soon this can be completed.

Postage and Handling:

All of our 3d prints are sent using express postage to ensure you get your high quality prints as soon as possible. This cost is included in our set-up cost.

Hard Casing:
Where necessary we will package your 3d prints in hard casing for extra protection, including the use of pelican cases or timber crates.


All of our 3d prints are bubble wrapped and vacuum sealed.

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