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Pricing for 3d Printing

Each file that we 3d print is checked by an expert at no extra cost to ensure the best results and price possible. We take into consideration the amount of material used, the size, the required finish and the complexity of the part. This ensures that you get the best possible price that is not just based on the outer bounding box but is unique for each 3d printed item.

Send us an email with your file/requirements to

Example of same bounding box, but very different price:

Solid Object

Hollow Object

This is a simplified example of our pricing.

If you have received a quote that is lower than ours, please let us know. We will try to not just match this price, we will try to beat it!

Production Runs

The price of a 3d printed part will vary depending on the number of prints you need. For large production runs we will apply a discount.

Please get in contact via so that we can work out a price

3d Modelling

We charge an hourly rate for 3d modelling work. We are competitive despite the fact that all of our 3d modelling is completed in Australia.

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